About Us

We are a team of certified online marketing professionals.

Adcrib is an experienced Online Marketing Agency. We are focused on Comprehensive Visibility and Performance Marketing for ambitious companies: we are doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Usability, Communication in Social Networks and Online Advertising. For clients, we create new websites, that are user-friendly and optimized for search engines from the base. We manage social media accounts and handle both it’s marketing and online reputation management.


We work on the projects and the consultations for some of the largest Brands, top B2B companies, startups with global ambitions, companies in the real estate business, tourism and even the most famous Nigerian NGOs. Since the establishment of Adcrib we have worked for some international clients from several EU countries.

At Adcrib, Our Major goal remains to make your business a brand and push your brand to the universe and we keep our word!

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